Tiffany & Co x AF1

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Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. is timeless. Diamond Supply has already celebrated its past with a collaborative effort with none other than Nike SB, demonstrating the brand's reach even outside the realm of jewelry and extravagance. Today, quite a few years later, the renowned jewelers are finally becoming official members of the Swoosh, which has taken the form of a straightforward yet elegant rendition of the Air Force 1.
Nike has a rep in the sneaker world for frequently collaborating with the most prestigious luxury brands worldwide. Examples include the Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 and the Dior Jordan 1. Well, they have done it once again. The sportswear company announced this week that it would collaborate with Tiffany & Co. in an Instagram image that featured a Tiffany Blue shoe box imprinted with the iconic Swoosh logo.
 The co-branded shoe horn, whistle, brush, and dubrae, as well as other sterling silver accessories, will be included in the release of the Tiffany and Nike AF1 sneaker on March 7th. The $400 USD price tag for the Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1 is the catch, though. Sure, it's not as bad as Louis Vuitton's AF1, but it's still far more expensive than the typical Air Force.
 Fans were understandably thrilled when Nike and Tiffany revealed that they will be working together officially after a number of unofficial takes from the Swoosh over the years. However, what followed didn't quite live up to the hype.
 LeBron James wore the collaborative Air Force 1 with a Tiffany x Nike varsity jacket to show his support for the shoe. These shoes are both subtly exquisite and unmistakably Tiffany thanks to the fine black suede material, a Tiffany Blue Swoosh, and opulent silver hardware at each heel. The color combination is reversed on a reported Tiffany Air Force 1 prototype colorway, which opts for a lighter façade and darker Swoosh. Given that, this pair would unquestionably be a cop, but as you might anticipate, you'll have a pretty hard time trying to cop a pair on March 7th


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